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Enabling dairy farmers to improve the impact, health and profits of their animals with technology.

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Introducing Bovonic QuadSense


Accurate, Instant Mastitis Detection

QuadSense uses our patented milk sensor and latest detection algorithm to identify mastitis in its earliest stages.

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Save Hours of Labour

QuadSense automates the detection process so you can forget about time-consuming manual inspections like herd stripping or RMT.

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Seamless Integration

We understand that every farm is unique. That’s why QuadSense has a universal design for self-installation into any dairy operation.

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Easy and Affordable

We’ve done away with the frills, and the result is a tough product that tells you what you need to know to get the job done at an affordable price.

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Understanding Mastitis

Mastitis is the most widespread, costly disease in the dairy industry, both in New Zealand and globally. It is typically caused by bacteria entering through the teats and infecting udder tissue. It cuts farm profitability by:

  • Reducing milk production
  • Increasing somatic cell count, dropping your payout
  • Forcing you to treat, withhold, and cull cows
  • Wasting your time and energy trying to find it in your herd.

For the average New Zealand farmer, these costs add up to $50,000 a year.

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Mastitis Management

Like any disease, there are four main stages of taking control: Prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Farmers already have great knowledge and options for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mastitis, but still rely largely on manual screening methods like visual inspection, herd stripping and RMT for mastitis screening.

With QuadSense, all cows in the herd can be automatically and instantly screened for mastitis, meaning you’ll catch mastitis cases as soon as they arise and before your bulk cell count rises too far. 

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Revolutionise Your Dairy Farm

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About Bovonic

Dairy farmers are doing the essential work of feeding an ever-growing world while facing new challenges and regulations. Bovonic is an agritech startup, based in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, born out of the need for practical, innovative solutions to transform how farmers take control of disease in their cows.

Leveraging our team’s deep experience and knowledge of diagnosis technology, product development, machine learning, and dairy farming, we have developed our first product –QuadSense – to enable farmers to improve the impact, health, and profits of their animals.

Liam Kampshof

Founder, Bovonic