Mastitis Management

Like any disease, there are four main stages of taking control.

Farmers have no good options for screening their herd for mastitis. When the herd cell count starts to increase, farmers still rely largely on manual screening methods like visual inspection, herd stripping and RMT to find cows with mastitis. 

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Screening with QuadSense

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These manual screening methods are slow, inaccurate, and dependent on the skill of the milker, which means mastitis cases are missed until they’ve become more severe or spread to other cows in the herd.

With QuadSense, all cows in the herd can be automatically and instantly screened for mastitis meaning you’ll catch mastitis cases as soon as they arise and before your bulk cell count rises too far.

Current best practices available to farmers for the other parts of mastitis control include:

  • Prevention: Shed hygiene, optimised milking times, teat spray

  • Diagnosis: On-farm tests, lab pathogen test

  • Treatment: Antibiotics.